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2015.11.15 星期日
02:06 客人 Hi Ella
02:06 Ella在線服務 hi
02:07 客人 Hope you are doing well. I would like a 7K girl on Monday in Taipei. XXXXXXXXX Hotel.
02:07 Ella在線服務 ok
02:07 Ella在線服務 if you have the room number tell me
02:08 客人 I don’t have room number yet but can confirm on Monday morning once I checkin to the hotel.
02:08 Ella在線服務 i send a girl for you
02:08 Ella在線服務 ok
02:08 Ella在線服務 checkin to the hotel tell me the room number
02:08 客人 If possible I would like a girl that can speak a little English.
I am Indian origin but live in norway.
02:09 Ella在線服務 ok
02:09 客人 And I might want to try 69. But that’s not important if a girl isn’t available
02:09 客人 So can I just message you once I have the room on Monday?
02:09 Ella在線服務 yes
02:10 客人 Ok thank you.
02:10 Ella在線服務 welcome
2015.11.16 星期一
21:01 客人 Hi Ella.  Hope you are doing well. Can I request a 10k girl at 11 PM tonight at Grand Victoria Hotel?
21:02 客人 I need the girl to accept
kissing on mouth and 69 please.
21:02 客人 I’m of Indian origin but living in Europe.
21:02 Ella在線服務 ok
21:02 Ella在線服務 your room number is ?
21:02 客人 XXX
21:03 Ella在線服務 your last name is ?
21:03 客人 XXXXX

Girl will need key to enter elevator. Can I meet her outside hotel lobby?
21:04 Ella在線服務 tell the desk have friend coming
21:04 Ella在線服務 miss chen
21:04 客人 I’ve read the last review on Chen wasn’t very good. Is it the same girl?
21:05 客人 In the English forum section
21:05 Ella在線服務 Just a code
21:05 客人 Ok
21:05 Ella在線服務 ok
21:05 客人 So the lobby staff will bring her up.. ?
21:05 客人 Can’t I meet her downstairs myself?
21:06 Ella在線服務 she well go up not with  the lobby staff
21:07 客人 Ok. Elevator needs key card. She will have to ask staff to help. That’s fine by me.
21:07 客人 11 PM then.
21:07 Ella在線服務 ok
21:07 客人 Thanks. I’ll tell the front desk in expecting Chen.
21:07 Ella在線服務 if you in the room tell me
21:08 客人 Sure
21:08 客人 I’m in the room now
21:08 客人  But leaving to get cash
21:09 Ella在線服務 ok
22:04 Ella在線服務 now in the room
22:27 客人 Not yet
22:27 客人 In 20 min
22:27 Ella在線服務 ok
22:50 客人 I’ll be in my room in 2 min
22:53 Ella在線服務 ok
22:53 Ella在線服務 tell the desk have miss coming
22:54 客人 yes.ive told them
22:54 客人 I’m in my room
22:55 Ella在線服務 ok
22:59 客人 Is she near by or do I have some time?
23:01 Ella在線服務 need 10-15minutes go to your hotel
23:01 客人 Ok
23:07 客人 Btw they asked if she was Chinese.  I said yes.
23:08 Ella在線服務 @@?
23:08 客人 The lobby guy I told I was expecting a friend asked if Chen was Chinese.
23:09 客人 I didn’t know what to say so said yes.
23:09 客人 Could’ve said Taiwanese.. I  know.
23:09 Ella在線服務 ok
23:10 Ella在線服務 Do not worry.
23:10 客人 Ok
2015.11.17 星期二
00:35 客人 She was great. Thanks Ella.
00:36 Ella在線服務 welcome
00:37 客人 What’s her name or code if I would like her again?
00:38 Ella在線服務 coco
00:38 客人 K thanks bye!
00:38 Ella在線服務 bye


Taiwan Escort Guide Taipei escorts Taipei outcall massage

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Taiwan Escort Guide Taipei escorts Taipei outcall massage

2015.11.09 星期一
14:45 客人 XXXXXXHotel be acceptable?
14:46 Ella在線服務 YES
14:48 Ella在線服務 your budget is ?
14:52 Ella在線服務 ???
15:10 客人 Up to 50K
15:11 Ella在線服務 for an hour
15:11 Ella在線服務 ?
15:11 客人 Debating if I want to get few hours or just an hour lol
15:12 客人 Will be there on Wed.
15:12 Ella在線服務 ok
15:13 客人 Going to need your helps to recommend & arrange
15:14 Ella在線服務 wed tell you
15:14 客人 Ok, thanks. Got everything arranged, just need to wait till Wed after I check in
15:15 Ella在線服務 ok
2015.11.10 星期二
19:26 客人 Are we still good for tomorrow? I am really looking forward to it
19:27 Ella在線服務 ok
19:35 客人 Work out the detail tomorrow?
19:36 Ella在線服務 contact me when you need tomorrow
20:42 客人 Can we start to make arrangements today or I need to wait till tomorrow?
20:44 Ella在線服務 today is ok
20:46 客人 I will be staying  this hotel
XXX, Taiwan, Taipei City, XXXXXXX
20:46 Ella在線服務 hotel name is ?
20:47 客人 XXXX hotel. Cross from Taipei 101
20:48 Ella在線服務 your room number is ?
20:49 客人 No room number yet, haven’t check in. Checking in tomorroe
20:49 Ella在線服務 why you said need a girl today ?
20:51 客人 I mean to arrange it for tomorrow. Sorry, I like to plan ahead
20:51 Ella在線服務 ok
20:52 客人 Sorry for bothering you
20:53 客人 Should I wait to contact you tomorrow?
20:55 Ella在線服務 ok
20:57 客人 My budget is 50K
20:58 Ella在線服務 ok
21:00 客人 Suggestions or recommend?
21:01 Ella在線服務 tomorrow tell you
2015.11.11 星期三
15:50 客人 Hi there. It Wed & I am in my hotel
15:52 客人 Are you around?
15:53 Ella在線服務 @@
15:54 Ella在線服務 so you now need a girl or what time ?
15:54 客人 I am free now, girl would be nice. Been waiting for this, for while
15:54 Ella在線服務 ok
15:54 Ella在線服務 your room number is ?
15:55 客人 XXX
15:55 Ella在線服務 your last name is ?
15:55 客人 XXXX
15:55 Ella在線服務 XXXXXX
15:56 Ella在線服務 the hotel ?
15:56 客人 圖片
15:56 客人 XXXXXX
15:57 Ella在線服務 ok
15:58 客人 You need anything from me?
15:59 Ella在線服務 tell the desk have miss chen coming
16:00 客人 What the price?
16:00 Ella在線服務 Pick a hotel room phone
16:00 客人 Ok. It didn’t ring
16:05 客人 I am sorry about this
16:05 Ella在線服務 Girl time : 45~55 minutes (one shot per the time)
Services range: bath, BJ, sex(full service)
16:06 Ella在線服務 163 D 48 24歲
16:07 Ella在線服務 我是比較推薦2W的
16:07 Ella在線服務 如果你預算都可以接受的話
16:07 Ella在線服務 能看懂中文嗎?
16:07 客人 Can I ask her to wear high heels, dress & stocking?
16:07 客人 I can read Chinese, but not write. 2W?
16:08 Ella在線服務 20K
16:08 Ella在線服務 你要妹妹穿裙子和絲襪高跟鞋嗎
16:08 客人 Yes.
16:08 Ella在線服務 可以
16:09 客人 What the difference between 1W & 2W?
16:10 Ella在線服務 我決定氣質
16:10 Ella在線服務 你想要的那種類型氣質很重要
16:10 Ella在線服務 臉蛋 身材 服務也有差啦
16:10 Ella在線服務 看你需要哦
16:10 Ella在線服務 我幫你安排
16:11 客人 Can I see a pic? BJ without cover?
16:12 Ella在線服務 全程帶套哦
16:12 Ella在線服務 不推薦照片
16:12 客人 I want someone like girlfriend, & kisses
16:12 Ella在線服務 照片都看不出本人
16:12 Ella在線服務 可以接吻
16:13 Ella在線服務 服務很好 有女友FU
16:13 客人 BJ no cover, possible?
16:14 Ella在線服務 ok
16:14 Ella在線服務 所以你要哪一個?
16:15 客人 2W.
Maybe after you can arrange another girl for me?
16:15 Ella在線服務 yes
16:15 Ella在線服務 can
16:15 Ella在線服務 so now send her ?
16:15 客人 how long for her to get here?
You need key to get in the hotel.
16:16 Ella在線服務 30minutes
16:16 Ella在線服務 tell the desk have miss chen coming
16:16 客人 Yes, my outfit request ok? I would like her to dress really hot & sexy
16:16 客人 Chen in Chinese?
16:17 Ella在線服務 台灣女孩
16:17 客人 Sorry, I mean her last name in Chinese.
16:17 Ella在線服務 陳小潔
16:18 客人 Ok. Her service is like girlfriend & BJ no cover right?
16:19 Ella在線服務 yes
16:20 客人 Ok, I will let the front desk know. Can’t wait
16:21 Ella在線服務 ok
16:22 客人 I told from desk my friend 陳小潔
16:22 客人 Is going to stop by & visit
16:22 Ella在線服務 ok
16:25 客人 Do I have time to take shower or should I wait for her?
16:25 Ella在線服務 take shower
16:44 客人 小白, 茹茹, 小璐 still around?
16:45 Ella在線服務 no
16:46 客人 Ah. Ok. Sorry started to think about next round lol
16:46 Ella在線服務 貼圖
16:49 客人 So you have some other girls in mind as well?
16:52 Ella在線服務 yes
16:55 客人 Can’t wait to see what you have in mind.
So the price difference are the quality of girls?
16:57 Ella在線服務 yes
16:58 客人 Ok. 陳小潔 close?
17:03 Ella在線服務 ??
17:03 Ella在線服務 不懂你的意思
17:03 客人 Sorry, I mean is she close to get to the hotel?
17:04 Ella在線服務 on the way
17:04 Ella在線服務 coming soon
17:06 Ella在線服務 10minutes
17:06 客人 Ok. Can’t wait
17:06 Ella在線服務 不能等?
17:07 客人 Yes, I mean I am looking forward to her’s arrival
17:07 Ella在線服務 ok
17:07 客人 Would you tell me more on what 陳小潔 look like? Long hairs?
17:10 Ella在線服務 nice girl
18:29 客人 Do you have someone cute & better? She was ok, but I was expecting more
19:07 Ella在線服務 ok
19:07 Ella在線服務 your budget is ?
19:10 Ella在線服務 ???
19:13 Ella在線服務
20:07 客人 Still the same, sorry I was busy.
20:08 Ella在線服務 ok
20:08 Ella在線服務 now send her or what time you need ?
20:09 客人 What she like? 陳小潔 didn’t wear what I requested.
It would be hard to send girl away, because they walk her to my room
20:11 Ella在線服務 不懂
20:11 Ella在線服務 你說她穿的不符合你的要求
20:12 Ella在線服務 然後你很難拒絕她
20:12 Ella在線服務 還是說妹妹不讓你拒絕?
20:13 客人 I mean she didn’t wear what I requested
20:14 客人 I was in a bad spot to send her away, because hotel staff walk her to my room
20:15 Ella在線服務 所以你可以等工作人員走了
20:15 客人 是在一個糟糕的當場把她送走,因為酒店的工作人員陪她到我房間
20:15 Ella在線服務 再請她離開
20:15 Ella在線服務 不用支付任何費用
20:15 客人 But it ok.
20:15 Ella在線服務 ok
20:16 Ella在線服務 我找一個確定有穿裙子和高跟鞋和絲襪的女孩給你
20:16 Ella在線服務 166 C+ 48 21歲
20:16 客人 Do you have anyone better than her? From you site, I was expecting ad actresses, tv show
20:17 Ella在線服務 我介紹這個是show girl
20:17 客人 Someone kind look professional, like sectary.
20:17 客人 For real? Price?
20:18 Ella在線服務 25k
20:22 客人 That more than the last girl.
20:23 Ella在線服務 yes
20:23 客人 Does she kiss, because the last girl don’t
20:23 Ella在線服務 yes
20:24 客人 Sorry for the questions. Because you told me 陳小潔 kiss too, but she don’t
20:25 Ella在線服務 i have
20:25 Ella在線服務 i have tell her
20:25 Ella在線服務 you want kiss
20:26 客人 You sure this girl will?
20:26 Ella在線服務 yes
20:27 Ella在線服務 or model
20:27 客人 Or model?
20:27 Ella在線服務 169 D 48 22 old
20:27 Ella在線服務 20K
20:28 客人 The price is set?
20:29 客人 Also will they bring cover? My hotel don’t have it
20:30 Ella在線服務 no  bring cover
20:30 Ella在線服務 you ok ?
20:30 客人 No for?
20:30 Ella在線服務 no  bring cover
20:31 客人 I am not in hotel, can I get back to you  in a bit? So price is 25K or 20K, no discount?
20:33 Ella在線服務 25K you like you pay 23K
20:33 Ella在線服務 20K you like you pay 18K
20:33 客人 Ok. So I need to go find cover or they will bring?
20:34 Ella在線服務 cover ?
20:35 Ella在線服務 is ?
20:49 客人 Condom
20:50 Ella在線服務 my girl have
20:50 Ella在線服務 she well bring
20:53 客人 How long for them to get there? 30 mins?
20:54 Ella在線服務 yes
20:55 客人 So which one is better?
20:55 Ella在線服務 25k
21:00 客人 What she look like? Same service as before?
21:02 Ella在線服務 yes
21:03 Ella在線服務 Same service as before
21:07 客人 Ok, just to be clear. Same service as before & she is ok with kiss (kiss in mouth?)
21:07 Ella在線服務 yes
21:08 客人 Can I meet her outside the hotel?
21:13 客人 So 23K
21:13 Ella在線服務 ok
21:14 Ella在線服務 wait her in your room
21:14 Ella在線服務 so now send her ?
21:15 客人 Ok. I will be back to hotel in about 15min
21:16 Ella在線服務 ok
21:17 客人 So you sending her?
21:18 Ella在線服務 yes
21:37 客人 Back in hotel
21:38 Ella在線服務 ok
22:01 客人 She on her way?
22:04 Ella在線服務 yes
22:16 客人 Thank you, she is beautiful & great so far
22:16 Ella在線服務 welcome
23:18 客人
She is amazing, I would like to see her again next week. Her name is Lena?
23:19 Ella在線服務 yes
23:21 客人 So when I see her next week, does that count as 3 + 1?
23:21 Ella在線服務 yes
23:22 Ella在線服務 but need ask her have time or no
23:26 客人 Ok. Thank you. She is amazing, she leave me speechless. Thank you so much!!!
23:26 Ella在線服務 ok
23:31 客人 Different between 新奇 & Lena?
23:38 Ella在線服務 ??
23:38 Ella在線服務 you want other girl ?
2015.11.12 星期四
00:08 客人 Not tonight, Lena worn me out. Lol
Just look at option for next week
00:09 Ella在線服務 ok
00:12 客人 So 新奇 is still available?
00:12 Ella在線服務 no send
00:12 Ella在線服務 you need tell me
00:12 Ella在線服務 i well send girl for you
00:13 Ella在線服務 try other girl  is new girl
00:14 客人 Ok. Looking forward to working with you again next week
00:15 Ella在線服務 ok
17:51 客人 Thank you for last night. It was a blast.
17:56 客人 Can’t ask for any better than Lena
18:10 Ella在線服務 I There are many types of girl
19:14 客人 What type of girl you have?
19:15 Ella在線服務 so many
19:15 Ella在線服務 contact me when you need
19:19 客人 Ok, sorry that I get excited thinking about it
19:20 Ella在線服務 169 Dcup
19:21 Ella在線服務 Model girl. pretty girl
19:21 Ella在線服務 23K
19:21 Ella在線服務 you can try her, she is nice girl
19:32 客人 Get 1 hour free? She is the same as Lena?
19:36 Ella在線服務 you want to leno again ?
19:37 Ella在線服務 lena 4 hours 69K
19:46 客人 69K for hour?
19:47 客人 How’s the girl you recommend compare to Lena?
19:48 客人 You just wrote Lena 4 hours for 69K?
19:49 Ella在線服務 yes
19:51 客人 I thought I buy 3 hours, then get 1 hours free? Do I have to do 3 hours at same time?
19:51 Ella在線服務 yes
19:51 Ella在線服務 same time
19:52 Ella在線服務 then get 1 hour free
19:55 客人 If I do that, can I go out with her to dinner or get drink
19:58 Ella在線服務 if she agree. you can do
20:02 客人 Could you check that for me? For next week?
20:02 Ella在線服務 ok
20:02 Ella在線服務 next week tell me . whne you need
20:04 客人 How much notice do you need?
20:04 Ella在線服務 1-2hours
20:05 客人 Ok, thank you very much. You the best
20:05 Ella在線服務 ok

Taiwan Escort Taipei escorts Taipei outcall massage


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Taiwan Escort Taipei escorts Taipei outcall massage

2015.11.07 星期六
19:58 like vivi  Hello!!
20:00 like vivi  XXXXX来电。将他/她添加为好友后,即可使用通话功能。
20:26 Ella在線服務 hi
20:26 Ella在線服務 where are you
20:26 like vivi  xxxxx
20:26 like vivi  Hotel
20:27 like vivi  I wanna question for you?
20:27 Ella在線服務 ok
20:27 Ella在線服務 ?
20:28 like vivi  I no money of taiwan. That’s only american
20:29 Ella在線服務 dollar
20:29 Ella在線服務 is ok
20:29 like vivi  Ok
20:29 like vivi  How much?
20:30 Ella在線服務 Are  you in XXXX hotel?
20:30 like vivi  Yeah
20:31 Ella在線服務 Taipei Charges:
Girl time : 45~55 minutes (one shot per the time)
Services range: bath, BJ, sex(full service)
Girl price: 4000NT ~ 25000NT per hour (depending on what type of girl)
Accept cash only /outgoing motel or hotel / guarantee safe
20:31 Ella在線服務 4K-5K:
Housewife,Waiter,massage girl, counter girl,etc…(age 25-30+)
whitecollar,student,nurse,hot chick,secretary,Beautician, etc…(age 19-27)
Airstewardess,Basketball baby,school beauty
Korean girl,snightclub babes,show girl,model etc… (age 18-25)
Car exhibitionmodel,Ad star,compere,Website popular girl
High quality coverpage girl,TV show girl,Taiwan actress,etc… (Must made advance appointment)
20:31 Ella在線服務 How much is your budget?
20:32 like vivi  XX dollars
20:34 Ella在線服務 Lowest 138 usd
20:34 like vivi  Ok
20:36 Ella在線服務 what time you need
20:37 like vivi  45 minutes
20:37 like vivi  Right now i’m ready
20:38 Ella在線服務 ok
20:38 Ella在線服務 I arranged now
20:38 Ella在線服務 wait my girl
20:38 like vivi  Ok
20:39 Ella在線服務 hotel room?
20:39 like vivi  XXX
20:39 Ella在線服務 Your last name registration is?
20:40 like vivi  XXXX
20:40 Ella在線服務 ok
20:41 like vivi  What time stay here ?
20:41 Ella在線服務 20-30mins,but your hotel in taichung,not taipei
20:41 like vivi  Ok
2015.11.08 星期日
00:41 like vivi  Hello! Pliss send me the number of woman who came to my room
00:42 Ella在線服務 ??
00:43 like vivi  I want talk to her
00:45 Ella在線服務 you like her ?
00:46 like vivi  Is good
00:46 Ella在線服務 vivi
00:46 like vivi  Okay what the phone number?
00:47 Ella在線服務 dont know
00:47 like vivi  Yeah you have the number vivi
00:48 like vivi  O what name in line ?
00:49 Ella在線服務 dont know
00:50 like vivi  Ok thanks

Taiwan Escort Taipei escorts Taipei outcall massage


2015-11-03 15:33 GMT+08:00 XXXX <XXXXl.com>:
I am in Toyko heading home.  I will call you in April 2016!!

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On Mon, Nov 2, 2015 at 11:14 PM -0800, “陳Ella" <baby7655@gmail.com> wrote:


2015-11-02 1:23 GMT+08:00 陳Ella <baby7655@gmail.com>:
if you have time tell me

2015-11-02 1:14 GMT+08:00 XXXX <XXXX.com>:
Ella Miss Chen is preparing to leave.  Thank you again.  May I book her tomorrow night if my meeting ends earlier?

On Sun, Nov 1, 2015 at 8:18 AM -0800, “陳Ella" <baby7655@gmail.com> wrote:


2015-11-02 0:17 GMT+08:00 XXX<XXXX.com>:
Ella I will have miss Chen leave at 1:30 okay.   Thank you!!

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On Sun, Nov 1, 2015 at 8:11 AM -0800, “陳Ella" <baby7655@gmail.com> wrote:

the hotel desk can change nt is free

2015-11-02 0:10 GMT+08:00 XXX <XXXX.com>:
Yes I am okay!   Understood.  I would like her to stay long time but I only have USD left after 24000

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On Sun, Nov 1, 2015 at 8:07 AM -0800, “陳Ella" <baby7655@gmail.com> wrote:

Before Payment 16000+ now 8000 = 1.30am
you ok ?

2015-11-02 0:06 GMT+08:00 陳Ella <baby7655@gmail.com>:
Total pay 24,000
my girl well stay  1.30am

2015-11-02 0:03 GMT+08:00 XXX <XXXX.com>:
Hello I booked 2 hours for 16,000 and  only half hour over? So for another hour is 8000 correct? So 25000 total including already pay correct?   I am not negotiating just clarifying?

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On Sun, Nov 1, 2015 at 7:56 AM -0800, “陳Ella" <baby7655@gmail.com> wrote:

how long you want ?
1 hour is 8000nt
but you pay 24000 again
she well stay 4hours for you

2015-11-01 23:54 GMT+08:00 XXX<XXXX.com>:
Hello if I want her to stay longer what is cost to add more time.

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On Sun, Nov 1, 2015 at 7:49 AM -0800, “陳Ella" <baby7655@gmail.com> wrote:

let my girl call me
and how hour you want now ?

2015-11-01 19:23 GMT+08:00 XXX<XXXX.com>:
Dear Ella:

Thank you, I will leave her name at the desk Thank you.

I am going to grab a quick bite and be back.


On Sun, Nov 1, 2015 at 3:18 AM -0800, “陳Ella" <baby7655@gmail.com> wrote:

wait my girl in your room
and tell the desk have miss chen coming

2015-11-01 19:16 GMT+08:00 XXXX <XXXX.com>:

Nice to talk to you.   Thank you for the call.

My name is XXXXX and I am in room XXX.  Please have my date arrive at 9:30 PM (21:30) may I have girls name to leave at the front desk so they may let her up?  Or do I need to meet her in the lobby?

Thank you,

Taiwan Escort Taipei escorts Taipei outcall massage

22:25 (19 小時前)

寄給 我
ok, will be done. thanks.

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call the desk have miss chen coming

2015-11-05 22:24 GMT+08:00 sxxx <snoxxx.ch>:
last name: xxxx
given name: xxxx

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Von: 陳Ella <baby7655@gmail.com>
An: “sxxx" <sxxxxxxh>
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you last name is ?

2015-11-05 22:22 GMT+08:00xxxxx <sxxxxxch>:

xxx in xxx
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your room number is ?

2015-11-05 22:18 GMT+08:00 sxxxxxx <snxxxxxxh>:
Hi Ella

Sorry for yesterday. The business meeting was lasting too long and I was coming to the hotel too late.

Is the girl available today?


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Von: 陳Ella <baby7655@gmail.com>
An: “xxx <sxxxx.ch>
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2015-11-03 22:29 GMT+08:00 陳Ella <baby7655@gmail.com>:

2015-11-03 22:19 GMT+08:00 xxxxr <sxxxxxx.ch>:
hi ella

ok TWD 10’000 is ok. for tomorrow around 10 p.m., but I’m not exactly sure when I’m back in the hotel. can I give you an email notification, when I’m here?


Gesendet: Dienstag, 03. November 2015 um 15:15 Uhr
Von: 陳Ella <baby7655@gmail.com>
An: “xxxx<sxxx.ch>
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what time you need ?
can try 10K
well better

2015-11-03 22:05 GMT+08:00xxxxr <snxxxx.ch>:
Hi Ella

An air stewardess type for TWD 9’000.00 with cup D would be perfect…

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Von: 陳Ella <baby7655@gmail.com>
An: “sxxxx" <snxxxxxch>
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Taichung Charges:
Girl time : 40~50 minutes (one shot per the time)
Services range: bath, BJ, sex(full service)
Girl price: 3000NT ~ 15000NT per hour  (depending on what type of girl)
Accept cash only /outgoing motel or hotel / guarantee safe

Housewife,Waiter,massage girl, counter girl,etc…(age 25-30+)
white collar,student,nurse,hotchick,secretary,Beautician, etc…(age 19-27)
Air stewardess,Basketball baby,school beauty,compereCar exhibition model,Website popular girl,show girl,model etc… (age 18-25)

what girl you want ?

2015-11-03 21:47 GMT+08:00 sxxxxx <sxxxxxch>:
Hi Ella

I’m in Taichung again… and would like to use your service again. It was a pleasure last time.

I would like to get a girl of the type air stewardess with cup D if possible. What would be the price for tomorrow night in Hotel xxxx?