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Tried Ellas service twice. The communication with her was really nice.
The first Time i tried a 8k girl. She arrived within 30 minutes after confirmation.

She has a very cute face. small chat at first, then showered together.
She has nice and soft breasts. Her belly was not that good, has skin folds, like she was fat in the past. Because i am not good at turning someone down, so i let her stay. Maybe i was very tired at that day, but everytime when i look at her belly, i could not stay focus. At the end i lost my lust and could not get the shot. She was very nice and even sing for me and

Face 7/10 (cute)
Body 3/10 (just not my type)
Technique 7/10 (suck really good)
Attitude 9/10

Because i didnt get to shot, thats why i was still horny. After few days I want to give Ella a second chance and contact her again. I describe the problem from last time, that i need a slim girl with boobs. She recommend a 7k girl. She arrived within 30 mins also. She was not that talkative (maybe shy), but very beautiful and has a nice body. Very good at riding. After the action she showered very fast and didnt talk much again. Got dress up and left. Got a commercial feel at the end.

Face 7/10
Body 8/10
technique 8/10
attitude 6/10

i would use ellas service again. After she now about your type, she can recommend the right girl for you.