can request for girls shaved below? or wear sexy clothes? or take pictures??


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can request for girls who are shaved below? or ask them wear/bring sexy clothes? or take pictures (cover face) ?

1.can request for girls who are shaved below? 
I am sorry, but I don’t typically ask the girls about that! I do however ask them if they smoke or inked with body art, and I will be happy to answer those questions.
如果你需要的女孩是不要吸煙或者不要有刺青,我會很高興為你詢問女孩,並且幫你排除她們為你服 務

2.ask them wear/bring sexy clothes?
If you prefer ladies who don high heels or stockings, that can be arranged.However, generally speaking, the girls are not set up to provide services with designated apparel. However, if you have prepared sexy clothing they are generally willing to put them on for you. 

3.take pictures ?
It is not customary for photos to be taken. Please understand that in many cases the lady will like her privacy protected as much as yours. If you really desire it, make absolutely sure that you first obtain her consent – and she is under absolutely no obligation to accommodate the request. If you do ask, mentioning that you are not Taiwanese may increase the likelihood of her being amicable to it.
如果你跟女孩玩得很開心之後,表達你拍照的行為,要先說明你不是台灣人喔,只是想紀念今天美好的夜晚(這樣 獲得同意的幾率比較大),或許可以得到驚喜

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