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of Taipei Hsinchu Taichung Kaohsiung to escort outcall massage Taiwan girls


Ella club is an Introduction of part-time Taiwan girl agency operated in Taiwan City.
Ella have different kinds of girl and we are all taiwanese. Ella provide high class Onsite services
Ella agency operated from 10 am to 3 am in the morning [make reservations in advance]

Any prank calls without leaving names to their rooms will not be entertain.
If you don’t like the quality of the goods, please feel free to reject with no rejection fees except remote areas such as Gao Xiong, Lin Kou @ NT200-NT400
However, do not critise Ella Mei Mei as the pricing standards is different in each countries.
If you don’t like the goods, you can
1) Raise the price level, and pick a better goods with better quality.
2) Maintain the price level, and select a different goods
Please do not negotiable price, as all prices are non-negotiable.
3) Reject Ella’s offer to change goods free of charge
Ella is resourceful, and have many other customers such as Taiwan local customers as per Taiwan price based. All Taiwanese customers can accept this price range.Ella’s Taiwanese customers is upto 80% of her customer base. If you like Ella’s goods, but cannot afford the prices, thousand apologies, Ella cannot help you with the services.
Taiwan Mei Mei’s are more expensive than other Asian countries!

Please note that,
1. outcall only.
2. Since Taiwan did not allow sex industry, no girl’s photo for pick up.
The alternative is you can ask to switch the girl when you meet one and not like her.
The switch and traffic fee are free. Once you decide to keep the girl you like.
The payment must be made at that moment(give the payment to girl).
3. Only NTD is acceptable. Please prepare the payment with NTD before you call the agency.
The Bank and most 4~5 stars hotel provide exchange service.
4. The agency and escort girls only with basic English skills. Arrange the girl to you
need lots of communication, the site crew will help you translate your need to agency.
5. Taiwan is relative conservative society, Mose escort girl only accept straight sex, no anal,
no SM, two or more than two men will not accept.
6. Your hotel register name is needed. Most 5 stars hotel will intercept single girl who
want upstair, only answer correct name of visitor can pass the lobby counter.
7. Shower before service, condom is a must.
8.Majority of Ella girls don’t provide RAW.
RAW, 69 position and painting are available but must request from Ella as these services are provided by special girls.
69 position and painting services are also subjective to chemistry level. 

Type girl of service:
Housewife,massage girl,counter girl,Ad star,Korean girl
white collar,student,nurse,hot chick,secretary,s nightclub babes
Air stewardess, model,Basketball baby,school beauty
Car exhibition model,Website popular girl,compere
High quality cover page girl,TV show girl,Taiwan actress,etc…

Gril Cup: A.B.C.D.E
Girl Height :155-171
Girl Age :18-32
Girl Language: Mandarin, English
Girl Services range: bath, oral, sex
Service areas: of Taipei * Hsinchu * Taichung * Kaohsiung* Tainan *Taoyuan
Opening Hours: 10 am to 3 am in the morning [make reservations in advance]

You can contact me at:
WeChat : baby2371
Yahoo: baby7655
Email : baby7655@gmail.com
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